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We’re engineering a two-sided marketplace to let millions create anything they can imagine, just the way they want.

Making this a reality poses some large engineering challenges to tackle – regardless of whether you’re into eCommerce, Big Data, Machine Learning, Front End Engineering, Mobile, Platform Automation, or DevOps. Check out our engineering blog, Sawdust Software, to learn more.

  • Written by Mike Salguero | Sawdust Software

    Signing up for health insurance via Healthcare.gov

    Published October 29, 2013

    I have been an Obama fan for years, and generally have given him the benefit of the doubt on a lot of hard decisions he has made during his tenure as president… Recently, however, I have been surprised (horrified) by the administration’s approach to the launch of Healthcare.gov. There has been an attitude of “Obama […]

  • Written by Wes Childs | Sawdust Software

    Hubot, Hipchat and Fabric

    Published September 19, 2013

    CustomMade needed a way to simplify deployments and let non-engineers deploy to our staging environments. After hearing lots of great things about chatops from Github, and Brendan, one of our tech leads, finding a great article from Matt Pegler, we knew combining hipchat, hubot and fabric was the key to solving our issue. Luckily we […]

  • Written by Mali | Sawdust Software

    Simpleflake: Distributed ID generation for the lazy

    Published August 12, 2013

    Simpleflake does exactly what it’s called: provide a very simple way to generate unique IDs across distributed shards (or even multiple systems). It’s simplicity is great for us: a startup engineering team with no DBAs–and a very small, very busy DevOps engineer.

  • Written by Mike H & Wes | Sawdust Software

    DisRedis: an open source client to automate sharding & failover

    Published July 9, 2013

    Disredis is a Redis client implementation which can be used to automatically handle sharding and fail-over for a Redis store through Sentinels.

  • Written by Jim | Sawdust Software

    Piggybacking on backbone.js for performant mobile web

    Published June 16, 2013

    Combing Backbone.js with HTML5 enabled us to create a 100% mobile web experience that emulates the speed and interaction of a native mobile app experience.